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It’s 1965
For several months now, the police have been tracking the strange Cheb Sanatorium, which at first glance appears to be an ordinary facility of this type.
But what makes the investigators worry is a strange connection between the dubious secret brotherhood and Robert Schwartz – the head physician of the institute.

A police officer was sent to this institute yesterday. His task was to bring Dr. Robert Schwartz at the local station to give an explanation.
Until now, we have no reports of Dr. Schwartz or this policeman.

The brand new story of the Cheb Sanatorium will definitely not leave you calm.

Investigating the deaths in the Cheb Sanatorium will lead you to a special secret brotherhood.

Solve the case, save yourself and others and try to escape!

60 Minutes


2 to 6 Players

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You can enjoy the game at any age.
The lowest recommended player age is 13 years.

The game is accompanied by various sensations that can affect your psyche. Darkness, sounds, environments and much more affect players during the game. Therefore, we do not recommend the game to women in advanced stages of pregnancy, cardiacs or epileptics. Email us, contact us via the contact form, call us or write to facebook. We will be happy to answer your questions.
The game is not barrier-free.

Either in Escape in Cheb by appointment or you can have your voucher sent by post. However, in the case of posting by mail, payment must be made in advance to our account.

After receiving the voucher, on the BOOK A GAME page, you cant fill up the Form and simply submit a voucher before the game starts. If more players than the voucher number should play, there is no problem to pay the difference. Each voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase!

Price List

2 Persons
1 000 Kč
40 €

3 Persons
1 100 Kč
43 €

4 Persons
1 200 Kč
47 €

5 Persons
1 300 Kč
50 €

6 Persons
1 400 Kč
55 €

We often don’t have any other currency than Czech Crowns in the cash register.
Please bring always the right amount of money with you.


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Of course, you can also stand in front of the Escape Room or in the courtyard opposite the house. logo escpe v chebu

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